This blog is researched and produced by Dan Curry and John Pearman of Reverse Spin, LLC, based in Wheaton, IL.  Both are longtime spokesmen, researchers and managers of Republican campaigns in Illinois and other states.  They are particularly familiar with Rod Blagojevich.  As top operatives with the Jim Ryan campaign for governor in 2002 that unsuccessfully opposed Blagojevich, they first became familiar with Rod’s corrupt ways.  They both have closely followed Blagojevich’s tenure as governor, and along the way have talked to numerous reporters, researchers and federal authorities about their findings.

Curry is a former spokesman for a state Attorney General Jim Ryan and U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald and before that was an investigative reporter.  Pearman is an attorney and a longtime top political operative who has run several successful statewide campaigns.  He also is a former chief of staff at the University of Chicago Medical Center where he worked closely with Michelle Obama and several Obama cronies.

They have decided to produce this blog because the local and national press are neglecting to zero in on how closely Barack Obama‘s circle of associates intersects with the Blagojevich era of corruption in Illinois.  We welcome information to help us fill out the picture even more.

This venture is being sponsored by the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation dedicated to informing the public and opinion leaders as to how we can best assure that America remains secure and prosperous.

On occasion the Foundation highlights the need for more honest leadership so that government is concentrating on real economic solutions rather than simply building someone’s political machine. The Foundation was started by one of the top Republican filmmakers in the country, Rick Reed. In his political role, he is best known for producing the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads credited with playing a pivotal role in the 2004 presidential campaign. Reed created campaign commercials in two governor races opposing Blagojevich. Some of those commercials can be found here. His ads also helped elect U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, whose selection of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has helped combat corruption in Illinois. Reed has also produced winning ads in statewide races across the country. His role with the Foundation is geared to issue ad messaging to promote conservative causes.